History is fascinating, but never more so than when its your own!

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Books written by Diane Marelli


The Beginner’s Guide to Tracing Your Roots

The author’s four-year diary takes the reader through the exciting, frustrating and all consuming obsession that is tracing your family history.



What readers say…


‘There are many guidebooks dedicated to tracing family history from which the novice genealogist can choose, but this one… is refreshingly different. Quite unlike the standard guidebook… this diary engages the ready and, by way of example, passes on valuable hints and tips for anyone starting out on the genealogy trail’. Practical Family History


‘Diane Marelli takes a very different approach, providing a diary of how she delved into her father-in-law’s (and later her mother’s) family… Mrs Marelli is also frank in describing the frustrations of dead ends and the brick walls that researchers are all too familiar with, as well as the elation of finding an ancestor and the satisfaction of proving a hunch right… a very interesting and enjoyable new approach to family history’. Family History Monthly


‘This book is written in a refreshing style not often found in family history books. It reveals the enthusiasm and passion that someone can acquire from family history research. Diane Marelli’s book cannot fail to instil in anyone the interest to pursue their family history. Hopefully her readers will produce their family histories in an equally interesting and enthusiastic manner’. Robert Blatchford, Editor of  The Family & Local History Handbook


‘This is a warts-and-all documentary about the highs and lows of what turned out to be a maddening search for details about her husband’s ancestors, their lives and loves… Diane Marelli’s enthusiasm is boundless and her spirit tenacious. It’s touching the way she never gave up even when things went badly. She gives new family historians the benefit of her experience, the pitfalls and tons of timesaving advice. Her quest consumed her life for four years but the final result is a joy to read and an encouragement for all of us’. Your Family Tree Magazine

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